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Everything—and I do mean everything—hinges on identity. It is the compass of our faith that aligns with the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Father’s will. Wrapped up in identity is who we are, the purpose of our being, and every God-breathed promise that manifests as our success. So, tell me. Do you know who you are? This self-awareness is the filter for our desires. Identity undergirds our values, aspirations, and overall view of what it means to excel in life. Without the revelation of who we were created to be, a huge gulf tends to exist between where we are and what we are called to be, do, and experience. Lacking this inner knowing causes us to get caught up in fantasies and fallacies about who we are and what we want, which sets us up for a trail of disappointments. Redefining Success helps you to determine who or what has defined success for you and how to take control and define success for yourself. It equips you with practical, implementable tools that can help you on this journey called life.

Book Title: Redefining Success: 8 Tools I Used to Develop a Growth Mindset

Book Author: LaQuita Monley

Co-Author: N/A

Format: Hardback

Type: fiction