Cassius Cuvée

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Join Cassius in a poppin conversation on crypto, the Metaverse, setting up NFTs, crypto wallets, gaming, and more. Cassius is an artist, Entertainer, Investor, Web 3.0 Consultant. Host of the Poppin Crypt Show. Seen on WSJ, CNBC, APNews, MSNBC. - Everything related to Web 3.0 innovations - Tips and strategies for the metaverse - Setting up a crypto wallet for free - Best practices on gaming with crypto - The Super World Cassius' Biography Cassius Cuvée is a recording artist from Oakland, CA. He is the first artist to ever make a music video NFT.


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His art is a reflection of his life. The pandemic gave him an opportunity to learn about finance and he ended up making a viral music video "Spac Dream" which landed him on CNBC just 3 days after its release. He also discovered crypto and immediately realized blockchain technology and decentralization are the future. After thousands of hours of researching and trading countess cryptocurrencies and NFTs, he understands the extreme value of financial literacy.


He is making it his mission to educate and bring awareness to Web 3.0 by way of entertainment and community building. He has a vast understanding of Web 3.0 and many relationships with prominent individuals in the industry, and he is going to bring that knowledge to the mainstream.

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