The Barracks Legend Foundation

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Our mission is to host electrifying fundraising events for profit & non-profit organizations at little to no cost, empowering them to maximize their impact on veterans in need. By organizing a range of events, from concerts to comedy shows, we aim to draw veterans out of isolation and into a supportive community that understands and loves them. Our goal is to take decisive action in preventing veteran suicide, focusing on tangible outcomes rather than mere awareness.


The Barracks Legend & The Great Inquisitor Show

Welcome to the untold stories of Military Operations filled with humor, valor, inspiration, and educational insights, hosted by seasoned Marine Corps Infantryman, Angelo Martinez, and multi-award-winning host Natalia Earle. On this gripping and captivating interview show, our extraordinary guests will navigate the uncharted territories of courage, overcoming adversities, and what makes us resilient. We will explore fascinating subjects such as the world of spies, first responders, various intelligence operations, and what it really takes to safeguard our nation.


Whether you have a military background or simply curiosity about these fascinating individuals, the show will leave you inspired, informed, and moved by a profound understanding of the human spirit through legendary stories and the inspiring heart of our heroes.  #Legendsneverdie 

My Favorites

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