Cassandra-Helenus Partners

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Cassandra-Helenus Partners began in a coffee house in Park City, UT in 2016 during a snowboarding (mostly falling down for Joe) trip when Marine Corps veterans Kate Germano and Joe Plenzler decided to team up and form a consulting practice. Inspired by Wendy Peck and Bill Casey of Executive Leadership Group, the pair set out to build a practice together that would help clients achieve their business goals by successfully navigating the complicated, sometimes confusing, and often challenging terrain of leading people.

With more than 50 years of combined experience building teams, leading people, and advising C-suite executives (to include the Secretary of the Navy and three successive Commandants of the Marine Corps), they have formed their practice around the latest in neuroscience, interpersonal communication, and emotional intelligence. They help leaders gain clarity about their goals and then translate those ideas into action and results through their people.  

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