Latina She Served with Liz Hensel

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"Latina She Served" is not just a podcast; it's a platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of remarkable community influencers. Join Liz Hensel, a passionate advocate with a heart for storytelling, as she sits down with trailblazers, activists, and change-makers who are leaving an indelible mark on their communities.

Meet Liz Hensel, the dynamic force behind "Latina She Served." As a proud Latina herself, Liz brings a wealth of personal and cultural insight to the podcast. With a background that blends military service and community engagement, she understands the power of diverse narratives and the importance of representation.

Liz served in the Marine Corps with dedication and distinction, and her experiences have fueled her commitment to uplifting the stories of community influencers. Her journey from the military to the podcasting world reflects her passion for bridging the gap between diverse backgrounds and creating a space for voices that often go unheard.