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Tony Taylor served as a US Marine, and worked as a Fire Captain with the

Department of Defense and as a Corporate Safety Executive.


Tony is the owner of Speak University.Org and Top 3% Globally ranked podcast Leaders Lead.


He is a dynamic motivational leader and speaker who is dedicated to inspiring individuals to never give up on their dreams. He is passionate about helping people to find their inner joy and infect the masses with actionable inspiration.


He is obsessed with helping emerging leaders to regain their belief in themselves. He is a Best-Selling Author, Leadership Speaker, and podcast host, and is one of the most highly requested speaking coaches for leaders and entrepreneurs who have a fear of public speaking. Tony also was named as the 2022 Media Professional of the Year from the Rosie Awards.


He inspires others by sharing his own personal stories, and teaching others how to tap into the power of storytelling to achieve their goals. His mission is to empower people to change, charge, continue, and restore their belief, through speeches, books, podcast and courses. He is a dynamic force in the industry, with a unique ability to connect with his audience and leave a lasting impact on their lives.





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