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MajesticAF is not just a merch store or a podcast we are a movement. Our mission is to thank vets help vets by showing how they got out of the  dark days or loss of purpose. To talk about mental health issues effecting our veteran community. Our hopes  are maybe some one who’s may be off the path or thinks they are alone can listen to out her veterans talk about their days and show them hey aren’t alone and not to give up that you can beat it and that the MajesticAF team/family has your six. You can check us out on all platforms we finished up on season one and season 2 of the podcast is looking to be bigger band better with our guest line up. All is veterans joined a tribe and when a warrior has to leave said tribe for whatever reason it takes a toll on a warrior they maybe depressed homeless addicted etc. but one thing they are not is alone! 

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