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At Marine Mindset, we believe that the journey to becoming a Marine officer begins with a strong foundation and an unwavering resolve. Our platform stands as the definitive guide to the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School (OCS) and The Basic School (TBS), offering a comprehensive overview and inside perspective tailored for those who aspire to lead and serve with distinction.


Founded by Marine Corps veterans, our mission is to bridge the gap between anticipation and preparation, ensuring that candidates are equipped not only with factual knowledge but also with the mental fortitude required to excel. Our resources delve deep into the core of the Marine ethos, from physical training regimens to leadership principles, all curated to mirror the rigorous standards of the Marine Corps.


Marine Mindset is more than just a guide—it's a community. It's where the journey begins, fostering a space for future leaders to connect, share, and inspire one another. Whether you're taking your first step towards OCS, navigating the challenges of TBS, or seeking to mentor the next generation of Marine officers, Marine Mindset is your trusted ally.

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