Mark Pellon

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Mark Pellon is a US Marine Corps Officer, Musical Director, National-Level K9 Decoy, and passionate Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioner. Upon joining the Marine music program right out of high school, Mark became one of twelve musical directors in the entire Marine Corps. He has performed in nationally televised events and internationally on the radio. He has also given keynote talks at high schools and universities all over the country.


Mark defines himself by his relentless desire to thrive in any endeavor he pursues. He also prides himself on thinking outside of the box. This life philosophy earned him and his Marines a Southeast Regional Emmy Nomination, becoming the first fleet Marine band to do so. Mark is also the author of "You Won't Get It...Until You Get "It": A Guide to Understanding "It" Factor and How You Can Have "It" Too". Today, Mark uses his versatile experience to help teach others how to get the most out of life, and he works with cancer philanthropies to support the fight against cancer.

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