Mettle Mentality

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Our mission is to alleviate the suffering of Veterans and others by interviewing those with unique experiences who've grown through hardship willing to help you consistently believe in your ability to overcome hardship with fortitude and define your grit.


Mettle Mentality was created by Preston Ewell. A Husband, A Father, and U.S. Army Veteran.


The mission of Mettle Mentality is to serve as a Beacon in order to provide hope, direction and inspiration through sharing the wisdom of other Mettle-Minded individuals found through consistency, fortitude and grit. Our mission will be accomplished through our actions, that each life we individually encounter, may come to know and understand that THEY MATTER.


We each already have the ability within ourselves to overcome hardship, pain, addiction, insecurities and can grow because of our suffering. Most of us just don’t know this yet. Sometimes we need someone to guide us through our suffering and teach us how this is done. Mettle Mentality aims to be the vehicle to deliver those needed guides.


Mettle Mentality is a growing resource of content and tools for Veterans, First Res-ponders and anyone else experiencing hardship, to forge their mettle, and discover their pre-existing ability to graduate from suffering.



My Favorites

Episode 31: Michael Sugrue

E21: U-2 Spy Plane Pilot Colonel Retired Merryl Tengesdal

E1: Retd. Major General Jeff S. Burton