NASA Veteran Community

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NASA values the commitment and service of military veterans and their families.

We remain steadfast in our efforts to hire veterans and military spouses by offering meaningful employment, career development, and workplace flexibilities. 


Employee Resource Groups for Veterans and Military Spouses 

NASA employees can join one of many Employee Resource Groups which support development activities and positive team dynamics. These groups are an excellent resource for information sharing, professional development, and networking. 


The Veterans Employment Resource Group connects military veteran employees and their families along with allies together, creating a support network to help each other through the unique challenge’s veterans face. Veteran mentorship also focuses on introducing NASA values and organizational structure.   


Other Benefits

There are many benefit entitlements for veterans, military spouses, and their families. NASA offers benefits like retirement plans, health insurance and life insurance as well as financial wellness education and training to make the most of these benefits. Learn more here.


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