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I’m LaToya, a.k.a “The !nked Alch3m!st,” and my mission is to establish a brave space where you can awaken your ability to heal, unlock your capacity for personal growth and expansion, and reclaim your inner voice. I help you achieve this by offering thoughtfully curated sound healing immersions, energy healing, oracle readings, and 1:1 alignment sessions. I believe in the idea that everyone deserves an opportunity to connect with their innermost being and live a life grounded in peace, positivity and freedom. 

My own experiences have taught me to overcome trauma, find my voice, and embody joy and compassion, which fuels my desire to share knowledge and create a welcoming space for you. I’ll support you along the way.


Do you know of any veterans or military connected individuals/groups that would enjoy a morning, or an evening of “R&R?!” If so, please share the link to Grounded Gatherings here below, and help me spread the healing, peace, positivity, and love! ✨Grounded Gatherings _ Register Here✨

If you're organizing speaking engagements, forging brand partnerships, searching for corporate wellness representatives, or arranging retreats, let's connect! My goal is to make wellness accessible and enjoyable. Enriching and restoring lives, one session at a time.

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Instagram: @The_Inked_Alc3mist

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