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Bryan Stewart is a seasoned entrepreneur, executive, leadership coach, writer, and speaker. He has served as an infantry officer, Board Director, Advisor, Founder, and CEO. He has gathered vast experiences and expertise that enable him to provide unique insights and perspectives in helping leaders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and individuals build strong teams and cultures, develop and execute sustainable growth plans, solve complex challenges, and adapt to deliver impactful results.

Bryan has served in global public, private, venture capital, private equity, not-for-profit, and start-up organizations. This unique set of experiences enables him to quickly adapt to specific needs and organizational nuances and add context and value to virtually any situation. As an empathetic and supportive coach and leader, he shares practical tools, techniques, and insights tailored to enable individuals and teams to drive structure, optimize processes, ensure alignment, enhance communication, accelerate leadership, and build healthy, high-performing teams.

Bryan excels in helping individuals, teams, and organizations build and sustain winning cultures, navigate complex environmental and organizational change, and drive strategy, structure, innovation, and growth to exceed expectations in challenging situations and environments. He graduated from The Ohio State University and received an MBA from Webster University and executive education from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Bryan has completed multiple accelerators and entrepreneurship programs and is certified in private company governance by the Private Directors Association (PDA).

Currently, Bryan is the Founder and Chair of HDO Health and the Founder and Princpal at The Leadership Seed. He also serves as a judge and mentor for various business accelerators and veteran and entrepreneur mentorship programs. Bryan is passionate about helping individuals, teams, and organizations discover, unlock, and achieve their full potential. In his free time, he enjoys writing, running, and serving individuals and his community. He strives to lead and coach with compassion, humility, strength, and always with a sense of humor. He lives with his wife, Erin, near their two adult children in Birmingham, AL.

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