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Josh Porthouse spent most of his Marine Corps career as an active duty infantryman. Now as a Reservist, he now uses his experience to educate Marines and Sailors about cross-cultural communication in tactical and interpersonal environments for negotiations, mental health, and mission accomplishment.

Through a combination of professional development and personal growth as a long-distanced parent, Transacting Value Podcast was born. Josh is currently a licensed Florida REALTOR with Keller Williams, and media company founder with SDYT Media. He brings his same passion for society, culture, and human condition to the forefront of relationships with clients, contributors, students, and sphere.

Mission: Instigate self-worth through conversations about value systems for people who need to rediscover control through chaos
Vision: Become a $100 Billion dollar valuation, globally-recognized, licensable podcast for people around the world
Values: Quality, Consideration, Innovation, & Teamwork

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