American Warriors

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A cinematic preservation of the personal history of brave American’s who have served and sacrificed for our country. We are creating an ever-growing library of short films, celebrating the spirit of service, and hopefully inspiring future generations to step up and follow these examples.


We are constantly searching for our next story subject. If you or someone you know has a story that needs to be told, please use the form below and share a brief synopsis with us. Please understand that we receive a lot of these and not every story submitted here will be chosen. We work hard to honor our vets and give their stories the honor they deserve. Each submission will be carefully considered and verified for authenticity. Submit a story

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American Warriors | Series Trailer

Lisa Herterich | US Army Nurse

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Naval Missile Center, F-4 Phantom Pilot, Jim "Fireball" Kraft.

Homecoming | Project Recover and Wilbur Mitts *OFFICIAL TRAILER*

Jack Hetzel | WWII Vet | Pastor | Part 2

Jack Hetzel | WWII Vet | Pastor | Part 1