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Hello! I'm Daniel Flint, a Professionally certified U.S. History teacher in Jacksonville, Florida, with over 19 years of teaching experience. I earned my BA in American History from UNION College. In 2022, I was honored as Florida’s History Teacher of the Year by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. Passionate about teaching and always exploring new approaches for subjects like the Civil War, Reconstruction, and WWII,

My involvement with military veterans enhances my teaching, and I actively support veteran programs in my community. Join me on an exciting journey through intriguing, behind-the-scenes accounts of U.S. History and its heroes!

My mission is to serve the community by creating powerful and engaging interactive lessons about compelling aspects of U.S. History to cultivate a deeper understanding and respect for our nation’s path to this present day.

My vision is to educate the public about their local, state, and national history to generate a new understanding of how it has shaped our lives, which in turn will foster a deeper desire to honor and respect what has come before to ensure a brighter future.

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