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Maxamillian Alexander Dutton is a survivor of childhood trauma, a United States Marine, and a motivational speaker and sales trainer. For the past 14 years, Max has been dedicated to developing a process to instill self-discipline, confidence, and self-reliance in anyone who is willing to listen. Over the past five years, Max has traveled extensively throughout Florida, delivering motivational and sales seminars to organizations, schools, businesses, and non-profits with the goal of educating and inspiring them to reach new heights.

In the past three years, Max has developed a sales process that is based on one of the most challenging industries in the world, and he has created a system that is both effective and universal. Thanks to this system, Max has been able to elevate sales organizations such as car dealerships, solar sales, insurance sales, and real estate agents to levels never seen before.

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DUTTON MINDSET - Motivational Speech about what happens when you give up on your dreams.

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