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The Gray Man Theory is born out of the pepper practices for SHTF apocalyptic scenarios, The Gray Man Project takes "Gray Man" theory and makes it an every day applicable practice to overcome obstacles, hardships, and your own personal survival events to achieve a more desired outcome  while maintaining stoic resilience to survive the worst environment you will ever have to endure, your own mind. adopted by the tactical community who define "Gray" with operator patch caps and 5.11 pants, and re-defined by us into a more intellectual, logical and edible approach to preparedness, survival, self-reliance and mental resilience. 


About Brady:

The last 10 years has been an adventure where I have been fortunate to learn new skills that have not only helped advance my endeavors, but help others in theirs. From survival, self defense, firearms, executive protection and being a business owner and leader of a non profit, I have had the pleasure of being a student to all opportunities. Currently I’m a working agent, as well as training others in soft skills, mental resilience, social independence and self reliance by way strategic stoic philosophy. 

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