The Cam and Otis Show

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How can you unlock your team’s untapped potential? Learn how to maximize your team’s performance from leaders who have really done it. From veterans, researchers, and high-powered entrepreneurs to pro athletes and CEOs of multi-million-dollar companies. Cam and Otis go through each guest’s story to pull the leadership lessons that they learned along the way.

This father-son business podcast takes the philosophy of lifelong learning and applies it to leadership to help you learn how to lead a high-performing team. Otis is a former Green Beret and currently coaches high-performing business owners and their leadership teams, helping them implement Green Beret leadership principles in their business to 10x their staff. Camden is an entrepreneur and coaches rugby at the developmental and collegiate levels, and he coaches college athletes through the transition to life after sports.

This show is made for lifelong learners who want to solve problems and make an impact!

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My Favorites

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