The Unleashed Heart

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Here you will find the occasional video where I riff on something grief-related and full-length, raw, and unedited videos for my podcast, Grieving Voices. Through this platform, I aim to change the conversation around grief. Grief isn't just about death; it impacts every single human being. Through service offerings, I offer grief support and energy healing. Living alongside grief without it derailing everything else in your life is possible. As a 30+ year griever and experiencer of childhood trauma, I have an intimate understanding of grief and the devastation it leaves behind. You're not alone. This channel brings hope. 💛


My Favorites

Ep 178: Mandy Capehart | The Integration of Grief and Restoration of Self

Ep. 28: Quandell Wright | The Scars of Abuse, Poverty, and Shame

Ep 2 | Grief Defined