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Zachary Green and Colonel Riccoh Player met in early 2021 near Hilton Head Island, SC. Zachary and his family had recently moved from Cincinnati to Hilton Head Island, SC and Col. Player had recently taken command of Headquarters and Service Battalion at Marine Corps recruit Depot Parris Island.


As they discussed their experiences in the Marine Corps, they realized many common traits that helped them both overcome obstacles in their life’s journey, conquering crucibles along the way.


Zachary had grown a company from the trunk of his car to a $30 million dollar business and recently published a book that launched to International Best Seller status in the first few weeks. 


Col. Player climbed as an enlisted Marine to the rank of Colonel and command of COVID-19 Task Force Commitment, supporting the entry level training pipeline for MCRD Parris Island.  


The warrior ethos encompassed much of the reason for their successes and they both wanted to learn more about other warrior’s ranging from the mom who works two jobs to take care of her kids, to the soldier who conquered their mission while facing danger.


The common traits of the warrior entail risk, struggle, grit and bravery. The idea behind this podcast revolves around preparing for your crucible – a turning point in your life – a test in your life — which changes your trajectory.


Challenge and adversity prepare you for  personal crucibles. This is the essence of the warrior spirit from Navy SEAL, to entrepreneur, or business leader to school teacher, this podcast will show how adversity can help you conquer your crucible and help you achieve the best of what life has to offer. 


Listen today and apply the warrior’s spirit to shape your future.


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25 Aug 2024
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