Meet the Parade Deck Leadership Team

Meet the Parade Deck Leadership Team

Parade Deck Staff Parade Deck Staff
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Mission Statement

To amplify the authentic voices that shape the military community. As the premier platform for verified military content creators, influencers, and podcasters, Parade Deck empowers these talented individuals to thrive creatively. Our dynamic environment fosters collaboration, enabling military voices to reach new heights of influence through engaging multimedia content. We are the go-to destination to experience the diverse perspectives, stories, and insights that truly represent the military experience.

Leadership Team


Colonel Riccoh Player, USMC (ret)

Chief Executive Officer

Shya Ellis-Flint 

Chief Growth Officer

Jayme Yancy

Jayme Yancy

Creative Media Specialist

Michael Wood

Michael Wood

Media Production

"Never Forgotten Media"



Colonel Steve Weintraub, USMC (ret)

Chief Strategy Officer Veterans Ticket Foundation


Shelley Jeffcoat, Mil Spouse


Mario P. Fields

SgtMaj Mario P. Fields, USMC (ret)

CEO of Still Serving Inc.

The #1 Go-to Place for Military Podcasts, Influencers, and Live Streams. Welcome to Parade Deck, where we connect you with the voices shaping the military community. Whether you're looking for insightful podcasts, engaging social media content, or simply to learn more about the military, this is your go-to platform. We empower military content creators and influencers, including keynote speakers, authors, musicians, filmmakers, and more, by amplifying their voices and enriching their audiences. Our dynamic environment ensures their talents thrive, reaching new heights of creative influence and collaboration. Join us at Parade Deck and explore a world of innovation and inspiration within the military community.

Key Highlights:

Global Reach: With over 130 million community followers shows an appreciation and support.

Impactful Engagement: Those that follow military influencers highlight the importance of honoring service.

Deep Connection: An impressive 81% of veterans feel a strong relatability with the influencers.

Inspirational Content: For those considering enlistment, 73% find motivation through military influencers.

National Military Podcast Day: Parade Deck is honored to host a National day to recognize the military voice.

Military Veterans Podcast Awards: A yearly event that highlights the dedication from our Veteran Podcasters.

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