February 2024 Spiritual Series: 'Matters of the Heart' - Weekly Live Sessions

February 2024 Spiritual Series: 'Matters of the Heart' - Weekly Live Sessions

Shelley Jeffcoat (Mrs PIE) Shelley Jeffcoat (Mrs PIE)
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This February 2024, Come Out of the Wilderness Prayer Ministry invites you to join our special live series, 'Matters of the Heart.' Experience a month-long journey into the heart of spirituality, exploring essential themes from the Bible.

What is 'Matters of the Heart'? 'Matters of the Heart', airing every Thursday at 7 AM EST during February 2024, is an enlightening series focusing on spiritual growth and Biblical wisdom. Each session promises to enrich your understanding and strengthen your connection with faith.

February's Weekly Themes:

  1. Forgiveness: Learn about the power of forgiveness with the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant.
  2. Joy: Discover joy in adversity through the story of Paul and Silas.
  3. Gratitude and Contentment: Reflect on gratitude and contentment with teachings from Paul's Letter from Prison.
  4. Faith and Trust in God: Explore faith and trust with the inspiring story of Peter Walking on Water.
  5. Love and Compassion: Embrace love and compassion through the parables of The Good Samaritan and Jesus Feeding the Five Thousand.

Why Participate in 'Matters of the Heart'? Our series is more than just a set of teachings; it's a vibrant community experience. Engage in lively discussions and reflections, enhancing your spiritual journey.

Join Us on Mrs PIE YouTube: Don’t miss out on these enriching sessions. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell for notifications. Share your journey using #MattersOfTheHeart on social media.

Make February 2024 a month of spiritual discovery with 'Matters of the Heart.' Join us each Thursday at 7 AM EST for a series that promises to deepen your faith and expand your understanding of the Bible's timeless teachings.

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