Marcus Emerson, Parade Deck Photographer

Marcus Emerson, Parade Deck Photographer

Parade Deck Staff Parade Deck Staff
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Marcus Emerson: Master Behind the Lens

With a seasoned career spanning over two decades, Marcus stands distinguished in the realm of professional photography. His eclectic portfolio boasts a myriad of events, encompassing everything from the solemnity of military ceremonies and the joyous occasions of weddings to the vibrant energy of musical performances and significance of groundbreaking ceremonies.

But beyond his photographic prowess, Marcus excels in the art of networking, particularly at networking events, conferences, and formal galas. He possesses a unique flair for forging meaningful connections and understanding the nuances of the professional world, making him not just a photographer but an invaluable asset to any event.

Residing in the scenic Temecula, California, Marcus cherishes life with his loving wife, Michelle, and their three spirited children: Mason, Brooklyn, and Asher. It's not just his profound skill with the camera that makes him exceptional; it's his heartfelt connection to the world around him.

Whether capturing the essence of people, the innocence of animals, the thrill of adventures, or the serenity of the great outdoors, Marcus's passion for photography is a testament to his profound love for life and its many stories.

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