Military accountability advocate: Stuart Scheller

Military accountability advocate: Stuart Scheller

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Introduction - Military accountability advocate: Stuart Scheller - S.O.S. podcast #45

Welcome to S.O.S. Podcast #45 with Stuart Scheller, a passionate advocate for military accountability. In this episode, we will uncover Scheller's fascinating journey and gain insight into his views on the systemic issues that plague the military. These issues include the need for better evaluation of leadership and procurement processes. Scheller will offer his perspective on what changes are needed to improve accountability and transparency within the military. Additionally, we will explore his thoughts on how the military can better serve its members, while also fulfilling its mission. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be enlightened by this thought-provoking conversation with Stuart Scheller.

🎉Key Takeaways:

  • Scheller exercised tactical patience during his gag order, waiting for three months until he was able to hit the media hard and tell his side of the story after being discharged.
  • Scheller's book, Crisis of Command, comes out on September 6th and offers an objective analysis of how to improve the military.
  • Scheller is passionate about foreign diplomacy and getting the military on track and is considering running for politics in the future.

Meet Our Guest - Stuart Scheller 


Stuart Scheller is a former Marine Corps officer who gained notoriety for his public criticism of the handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal by the US military. Scheller, who served in the Marine Corps for 17 years before being discharged for violating a gag order, is an outspoken advocate for military accountability and transparency. He believes that the military needs to improve its leadership and decision-making processes, and he is committed to making a difference in this regard.

In his book, Crisis of Command, Scheller provides a thought-provoking analysis of the challenges facing the military today. He argues that the military has become too bureaucratic and hierarchical and that this is hindering its ability to adapt to changing circumstances and make effective decisions. Scheller advocates for a more decentralized and agile military, where decision-making is pushed down to the lowest levels and where leaders are held accountable for their actions.


Scheller's passion for improving the military is evident in his advocacy work. He regularly speaks out on issues related to accountability and transparency, and he is committed to making a difference in the lives of service members and their families. Despite the challenges he has faced, Scheller remains optimistic about the future of the military and its ability to adapt and evolve in response to changing circumstances.

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Military accountability advocate: Stuart Scheller


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