NASA Veterans Community joins Parade Deck

NASA Veterans Community joins Parade Deck

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NASA Veterans Community joins Parade Deck, amplifying NASA's dedication to military veterans and their families. This connection is a testament to their ongoing efforts to honor the valiant service of veterans and to provide them with unparalleled support and opportunities.

NASA remain steadfast in our efforts to hire veterans and military spouses, offering meaningful employment, career development, and workplace flexibilities, states Thomas P. Kromis, Veteran ERG Chair Johnson Space Center, NASA

In 2023, NASA's veteran employee resource group contacted Parade Deck's CEO, Riccoh Player, to discover how the platform could enhance the experience of NASA's veteran community. During the same year NASA's Veterans Day Appreciation Event, which was live-streamed by Parade Deck at the Military Influencers Conference in Las Vegas. The event drew an impressive turnout, more than 300 NASA personnel joining virtually and 1,200 live stream participants, underscoring the event's wide-reaching impact.

A highlight of the event was the deeply moving message from Marine Corps Major General and former NASA Administrator, Charles F. Bolden Jr. His heartfelt virtual tribute on Veterans Day was instrumental in reinforcing the connection between NASA and its veteran community.

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NASA is deeply invested in the continuous support and development of its veteran employees and families. The agency offers a variety of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that foster a supportive environment for professional growth and team dynamics. These ERGs serve as vital platforms for information sharing, professional development, and networking, ensuring that veterans and military spouses at NASA are well-integrated, recognized, and have avenues for continuous growth and contribution.

The NASA Veteran Community now has a home on Parade Deck providing a go-to landing page showcasing their resources, upcoming events, and more. As NASA and Parade Deck move forward together, they set a commendable example of how organizations can work together honoring and supporting our veterans, providing them with the opportunities and recognition they richly deserve. This relationship is a powerful reminder of the strength and potential that lies in unity and shared values in supporting those who have served our nation.

NASA Veterans Community

Parade Deck and the NASA Veteran Community have several events planned in 2024

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April - Parade Deck REE-PORT (live-stream)

May - Memorial Day Veteran Recongiztion (live stream)

July - Parade Deck REE-PORT (live-stream)

Sept - Parade Deck REE-PORT from the Military Influencer Conference (Live Stream & In-Person)

Nov - NASA Veterans Day Appreciation Event (Live Stream & In-Person)

Dec - Parade Deck REE-PORT (live-stream)

*exact dates to be determined

Employee Resource Groups for Veterans and Military Spouses 

NASA employees can join one of many Employee Resource Groups which support development activities and positive team dynamics. These groups are an excellent resource for information sharing, professional development, and networking.  

The Veterans Employment Resource Group connects military veteran employees and their families along with allies together, creating a support network to help each other through the unique challenge’s veterans face. Veteran mentorship also focuses on introducing NASA values and organizational structure.   

Other Benefits

There are many benefit entitlements for veterans, military spouses, and their families. NASA offers benefits like retirement plans, health insurance and life insurance as well as financial wellness education and training to make the most of these benefits. 

Diversity Drives Innovation 

We’re a diverse team united by a shared purpose. We’re committed to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of the American people. To be successful in our efforts to explore the universe, we must recruit, hire and retain the most talented and promising individuals, from all backgrounds and life experiences.  

Parade Deck

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Veterans Making an Impact

Global Community: More than 130 million community followers show appreciation and support.

Impactful Engagement: Those that follow military influencers highlight the importance of honoring service.

Deep Connection: An impressive 81% of veterans feel a strong relatability with a military influencers.

Inspirational Content: For those considering enlistment, 73% find motivation through military influencers.

Upcoming Events:

Military Veterans Podcast Awards (Oct 3rd): A yearly event that highlights the dedication from our Veteran Podcasters.

National Military Podcast Day (Oct 5th): Parade Deck is honored to host a National day recognizing the military voice.

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