Parade Deck Announces Shya Ellis-Flint as Chief Growth Officer

Parade Deck Announces Shya Ellis-Flint as Chief Growth Officer

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For Immediate Release: Parade Deck Announces Shya Ellis-Flint as New Chief Growth Officer

Parade Deck is excited to welcome Shya Ellis-Flint to the leadership team as the new Chief Growth Officer.    
As Parade Deck continues to expand its influence within its vast network of over 6.4 million military service members, veterans, and their families, Shya's appointment marks a pivotal moment in our journey to amplify the military voice— voices that are the foundation of Parade Deck. 

Parade Deck Announces Shya Ellis-Flint as New Chief Growth Officer

Shya steps into her role with a deep appreciation for the significance of the Parade Deck, a place where pivotal moments and ceremonies unfold, symbolizing the heart of military tradition and community. Shya reminds us that, "The Parade Deck is where everything important takes place. And each of our Change Makers and everyone in our community is important." echoing the sentiment that every individual's voice and contribution are vital to the collective mission of empowering the military community.

Parade Deck Change Makers

With an impressive track record of forging impactful partnerships and fostering community growth, Shya is poised to lead Parade Deck's strategic initiatives, such as our collaborations with esteemed organizations such as NASA, the Veterans Experience Office, Wreaths Across America, the Military Basketball Association, and the Military Influencer Conference to name a few. Partnerships like these are integral to Parade Deck's mission, to reach and provide a platform for military voices everywhere to be heard and celebrated.

Reflecting on her new role, Shya expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "I love what Parade Deck is bringing to the military community. For years, I supported efforts at the local level, and now I have the opportunity to bring that expertise to a global community." This transition underscores her commitment to not just strategizing behind the scenes but also actively engaging with and advocating for the military community.

Shya brings to Parade Deck a wealth of experience, with over 20 years in management, marketing, and public relations. Her journey, enriched by her experience as a Marine Corps spouse, has endowed her with a profound understanding of the military landscape, enhancing her ability to connect, support, and empower this community.

Her role in launching Vets’ Community Connections (VCC) in San Diego, CA, stands out as a testament to her innovative approach to community integration and support. This initiative, aimed at facilitating veteran reintegration through community involvement, highlights Shya's ability to create inclusive platforms for engagement and support.  

Kari McDonough, Co-founder of VCC, praised Shya's strategic vision, noting her  ability to "...align minds to create and leverage the partnerships we needed to build and grow VCC."

Shya's influence extended nationally through her work with America’s Warrior Partnership, where she played a critical role in launching and supporting five community-led programs across the country. Her leadership was instrumental in the development and success of these branches, showcasing her ability to drive initiatives from concept to fruition.

Outside of her professional life, Shya's passions and interests focus around travel and her family.  She's often on the road with her 'hunny' and Chica their PitPup to explore the country and visit family.  She enjoys hiking, camping, live music and reading; keeping up with her son who's currently deployed with the Military Sealift Command aboard the USNS Mercy; and playing in the kitchen where she indulges her passion for cooking and wine.

As Shya Ellis-Flint embarks on her journey with Parade Deck, her vision, leadership, and dedication to the military community are set to drive the organization's growth; further amplifying the voices of our military Change Makers, fostering inclusion for every member of the Parade Deck community; and ensuring that
Parade Deck is and remains the premier platform where every voice is heard and valued.

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