Breaking Boundaries in Clinical Research with Latoya Hinton-Howery

Breaking Boundaries in Clinical Research with Latoya Hinton-Howery

Shelley Jeffcoat (Mrs PIE) Shelley Jeffcoat (Mrs PIE)
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Breaking Boundaries in Clinical Research: A Conversation with Latoya Hinton-Howery on Increasing Diversity in Clinical Trials

This Mrs PIE episode packs a punch as we sit down with the dynamic Latoya Hinton-Howery.

Latoya, as the CEO and research director of Next Innovative Clinical Research, is leading the charge to increase diversity in clinical trials and shine a light on the often-overlooked necessity of minority representation. Her noble endeavor to make a difference in the medical community is inspiring, and in our conversation, you'll hear firsthand how she's breaking boundaries and influencing change.


Latoya's strategic decision to set up her business between Northwestern University and the University of Chicago is a testament to her commitment to her community and partners. She talks about how she's secured successful partnerships with physicians and how she motivates herself to continue learning and growing in her field. We also examine the critical necessity of informed consent forms in clinical trials and share tips on encouraging participants to fully comprehend them. Get ready to be inspired as Latoya shares her ambitious vision of establishing a multi-specialty research facility on Chicago's South Side.


But that's not all. Latoya doesn't just wear the hat of a trailblazing professional; she's also a mother with a legacy to build.

We discuss how her journey as an entrepreneur has influenced her daughter, Sakyrah Morris, another business success story, and why understanding the nuances of running a business is so crucial.

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Moreover, we highlight the power of effective delegation, community support, and encouragement. Latoya also shares her experience co-founding the Know Our Research Collective, an initiative dedicated to helping doctors and research site owners discover clinical trials.

As we wrap up, we urge you to connect with Latoya if you have any queries related to clinical research. Her story is not just about business success; it's about making a difference in the world of clinical research.

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