I’m a service dog professional | Danique Masingill

I’m a service dog professional | Danique Masingill

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In episode #104 of the S.O.S. podcast, we delve into the world of service dog training with an inspiring guest, Danique Masingill. As a professional service dog trainer and the founder of the Hero Academy, she offers a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective on the intricacies of this noble endeavor. Service dogs play a crucial role in enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities, and Danique's insights shed light on the dedication and consistency required to make this a reality.

Meet the Guest: Danique Masingill

Danique Masingill is a true hero in her own right. She's not donning a cape, but she's transforming lives through her nonprofit organization, the Hero Academy. Based near Fort Walker in Virginia, Danique and her team work tirelessly to take dogs that "wash out" from other programs and retrain them to become service or therapy dogs. What's remarkable is that they do this on a completely volunteer-run and donor-funded basis. Danique and her team don't take any salaries, which speaks volumes about their commitment. It costs approximately $25,000 to produce each dog, and these trained companions are gifted to departments and military families in need all across the country.

💡Key Takeaways:

  1. Consistency in Training: Service dog training requires unwavering consistency, and not every dog is cut out for the role due to various factors like fear, anxiety, or physical impairments.
  2. Crucial Public Behavior: Consistent training is vital for a service dog's behavior in public settings, where their conduct can greatly impact the lives of their owners.
  3. Ongoing Owner Training: The responsibility doesn't end with the handover. New owners must maintain the dog's training to prevent regression, and organizations often provide guidance in this aspect.
  4. Regulation Considerations: Danique suggests a system akin to a driver's license, where a dog's behavior is tested, ensuring a minimum threshold for safety.
  5. Hero Academy's Mission: The Hero Academy retrains dogs that "wash out" from other programs to become service or therapy dogs, offering these invaluable companions to departments and military families in need.

Discussion Points:

  • Not All Dogs Are Equal: Training a service dog is not a one-size-fits-all task. It requires exposure to various environments, and not every dog can safely work in public settings. Factors like anxiety or physical limitations may be limiting.
  • Mental Health Support: Service dog training can be especially challenging for individuals dealing with mental health issues. Fortunately, some organizations exist to provide guidance and support for those who need it.
  • Continued Training: The training journey doesn't stop after the handover to new owners. It's an ongoing process that aims to prevent the dog from reverting to old habits or behaviors.
  • Safety and Accountability: While government regulation might not be the answer, there's a call for a minimum threshold of behavior expectations to prevent potential harm and fraud.
  • Transportation Safety: The Department of Transportation could potentially enforce behavior tests for service dogs to ensure safe travel for all.
  • The Hero Academy Difference: Danique's Hero Academy is an exceptional organization that re-trains dogs from other programs, making them ready to serve those who need them most, all without taking a penny in salaries.

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