Military Spouses bring Authentic Voices to the Stage

Military Spouses bring Authentic Voices to the Stage

Parade Deck Staff Parade Deck Staff
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Cheri (Cheryl) Mason stands as a paragon within the military spouse community, exemplifying both the supportive role and the capacity for independent success. Her journey transcends the conventional understanding of a military spouse, showcasing an inspiring blend of personal and professional accomplishments. The contributions of spouses like Cheri are invaluable to the military community, often overshadowed yet immensely impactful. seeks to bridge this gap, bringing to light the true essence and authentic contributions of military spouses.

The first time I saw the mobile Parade Deck stage at the Military Influencer Conference, I was intrigued and asked how I could be participate. They quickly brought me on stage to share my journey. As a military spouse, I've never experienced such an immediate and empowering opportunity. It was an unparalleled platform to voice my story.

In her role as Chief Catalyst at Catalyst Leadership Management and a distinguished Keynote Speaker, Cheri boasts over 15 years of experience in motivating and guiding new and seasoned leaders, employees, and organizations. She is dedicated to helping others discover and harness the power of authentic leadership, characterized by genuineness, empathy, connection, and engagement.

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Gregory Williams, serving as an ambassador and co-host for the Parade Deck mobile stage, thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to showcase Cheri's story. He felt particularly honored by her words: "Seeing the mobile Parade Deck stage for the first time at the Military Influencer Conference piqued my interest, and I inquired about participating. Immediately, you invited me on stage, providing a platform to share my journey. As a military spouse, this was an unprecedented and empowering experience, offering a unique opportunity to share my story like never before."

The Parade Deck acknowledges Cheri for her extensive achievements and the exciting prospects ahead. As a TEDx & Keynote Speaker, Presidential Appointee, and an expert in Authentic Relational Leadership and Strategy & Collaboration, she is a figure of relentless ambition and influence.

As an author and TEDx speaker, Cheri shares profound insights and narratives on overcoming challenges, leveraging technology, building trust and morale, creating impact, and enhancing outcomes. She offers consultancy services aimed at developing skills and tools for leading authentically and relating with empathy. Whether it's through a keynote speech, a workshop, or a webinar, Cheri tailors her expertise to meet specific needs and objectives, catering to a diverse array of audiences.

Her experiences as a presidential appointee and the groundbreaking first woman and military spouse to serve as the CEO of the Board of Veterans' Appeals underscore her effective and empathetic leadership style. Cheri's proficiency in strategy, analytics, vision, change management, and empathy is evident in her successful management of substantial budgets, leadership of diverse teams, and resolution of complex appeals for veterans and their families.

Connect with Cheri and embark on this exciting journey together! You can reach her at [email protected].

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