Revolutionizing Military Engagement: Mobile Main Stage

Revolutionizing Military Engagement: Mobile Main Stage

Parade Deck Staff Parade Deck Staff
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The Parade Deck Mobile Main Stage

The Parade Deck Mobile Main Stage (MMS), developed by under CEO Riccoh Player, exemplifies this commitment to elevating military voices. As a scalable, mobile live-streaming platform, the MMS is revolutionizing how military influencers, podcasters, and content creators share their stories and connect with audiences across various events.

In a digital landscape where over 100 million podcast episodes are released annually and a staggering 1 billion videos populate YouTube the distinctive voice of the military community often struggles to stand out amidst the vast array of content. Parade Deck (Mobile Main Stage) emerges as a beacon in this crowded space, a platform unequivocally dedicated to amplifying the military voice.

Bridging the gap between a massive library of digital content and the unique perspectives of the military community, Parade Deck has established itself as an innovative combination of LinkedIn, Spotify, and Instagram for military voices. With over 6.2 million community followers and more than 100 content creators, Parade Deck stands as the premier hub for discovering and engaging with military-focused content.

Embracing Global Community and Local Talent

Parade Deck's global community is rich and diverse, encompassing a wide array of military influencers, each with unique perspectives and stories. The MMS is designed not just to showcase these voices but to intimately connect them with local audiences wherever the stage is set up. This global-to-local approach ensures that the voices resonating from the MMS are not only relevant but deeply impactful to the event's attendees.

Parade Deck takes pride in collaborating with a remarkable array of military changemakers who span a spectrum of experiences and achievements. First those with boots-on-the-ground experience, including Lori Norris, Sgt Major Mario P. Fields (Ret), Eric Brew, Shelley Jeffcoat, Greg Williams, and more. Each individual brings a unique and powerful perspective, enriching our community with their stories of resilience, leadership, and service.

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Our lineup also includes veterans from the esteemed community of NASA and prominent military figures like Chef Rush, Austen Alexander, and Nate Boyer. We are also honored to feature Kevyn Major Howard, known for his role as 'Rafterman' in the iconic film 'Full Metal Jacket.' The depth of our talent pool extends further with Army Veteran Regan Hawthorne, a descendant of the revered Navajo Code Talkers, Kevin Jiggens, a survivor of the USMC Beirut Barracks bombing, and the esteemed last surviving Tuskegee 'Top Gun,' Col Charlie Harvey.

Spotlight on Military Spouses

A prime example of the MMS's reach can be seen in its inclusion of military spouses. These individuals often bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, and mental health. By giving them a platform, the MMS highlights the multifaceted roles and contributions of military spouses, acknowledging their significant impact within the military community (Image: Cheri (Cheryl) Mason and Greg Williams). Read Cheri's story.

Cheri (Cheryl) Mason and Greg Williams (watch full interview)

Design and Functionality

The Parade Deck Mobile Main Stage (MMS) stands out for its innovative design and multifaceted functionality. This versatile, portable stage is not only equipped for professional-grade live streaming and podcasting but is also adaptable to a diverse range of events. Whether it's educational settings, professional conferences, or military-themed celebrations, the MMS is designed to cater to them all with finesse.

Further elevating its capabilities, Parade Deck incorporates state-of-the-art media and audiovisual equipment, ensuring high-quality audio and video presentations. This aspect is critical not just for live experiences but also for virtual ones, extending the reach of events to a global audience. The option for live streaming opens avenues for expanded audience engagement and additional revenue streams, especially when charging for online attendance.

Behind the scenes, our media and production team is comprised of esteemed veterans in the field. Michael Wood, the founder of Never Forgotten Media, brings his expertise to ensure every moment is captured with the highest fidelity. Shayn Mitchell, CEO and founder of ICON Industries, contributes a wealth of knowledge in production and technology.


Jayme Yancy, Parade Deck Creative Media Specialist

Moreover, our services are enriched by the talents of top-notch photographer Marcus Emerson, who has a proven track record of capturing pivotal moments in events like the Military Influencer Conference, among various social gatherings.

Completing our team is the creative and branding maestro, Gijo Tirado, who excels in encapsulating the essence of each event through both print and digital materials. This robust, fully encompassed team ensures that every aspect of your event is not only executed flawlessly but also remembered and cherished well beyond the day itself.

Amplifying Unheard Voices

At its core, the MMS addresses a critical need - giving a stage to military voices that might otherwise be overshadowed in the vast digital landscape. This platform not only showcases their content but also acknowledges their contributions, offering a new avenue for recognition and engagement.

Lori Norris, Samantha Domingo Rey Domingo

Adapting to Various Themes and Events

The MMS's design allows for seamless integration into diverse event themes. Whether it's commemorating Veterans Day, celebrating military service branch anniversaries, or enhancing professional gatherings, the MMS adds a dynamic and engaging element to each event, enriching the experience for participants and audiences alike.

The Parade Deck Mobile Main Stage is more than a technological innovation; it's a catalyst for community building and a powerful tool for amplifying the military voice in a crowded digital world. As it continues to make its mark across various events, the MMS is poised to redefine the landscape of military engagement and content creation, ensuring that the voices of military influencers and podcasters are not only heard but celebrated.

Parade Deck:

Vision: to be the world's favorite place to find creativity, collaboration, and positive change.

Mission: amplify the voice of the military storyteller.

Parade Deck is an esteemed platform dedicated to the veteran community. Our core mission is to create a safe, secure, and constructive space for veterans to share their experiences, amplify their voices, and interact in a community that understands and upholds their values.

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