A Parade Deck Experience at the Military Influencer Conference

A Parade Deck Experience at the Military Influencer Conference

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The Parade Deck Experience was a pivotal event for leaders, entrepreneurs, content creators, and brands deeply rooted in the military community at the Military Influencer Conference (MIC) of 2023.  This conference, renowned for its diverse opportunities, catered to various interests and needs - from those transitioning from active duty military service to individuals focused on social impact, business development, and expanding professional networks.

One of the most talked-about highlights of this year's MIC was the introduction of the Parade Deck Experience, a scalable, mobile livestream experience, described by attendees as a "cool new feature" and an integral part of an "amazing conference." PDX brought a fresh and dynamic element to the yearly gathering of military influencers. This innovation was born out of ParadeDeck.com, an initiative started by CEO Riccoh Player.  

My mission was simple yet profound: to amplify the voices within the military community that often go unheard. By bringing these stories and perspectives to the forefront, Parade Deck aims to impact thousands of veterans who face challenges in finding purpose and community.

Riccoh Player, CEO/Founder

COO Tiffany Orner & CEO/Founder Riccoh Player 

The PDX showcased an impressive lineup of more than 50 guests during the 3-day event, featuring veteran podcasters and a variety of influential speakers. The first speaker was Terrence Hayes, Department of Veteran Affairs Press Secretary. "I was honored to be the first speaker on the Parade Deck. What a great platform to tell the story of the military veteran." 

Terrence Hayes, Riccoh Player, Demetrius (Meech Speaks) Thigpen, Eric Brew

The PDX not only provided a platform for meaningful dialogue but also created an electric atmosphere that resonated with both the in-person audience and virtual attendees. The diverse range of topics and discussions sparked by these speakers played a crucial role in contributing to the dialogue on issues like mental wellness, veteran homelessness, food insecurity, and veteran suicide within the military community.

(watch the full episode)
Eric Brew and Shawn Welsh showed up strong at the Parade Deck stage interviewing John Wayne Troxell, retired United States Army senior non-commissioned officer who served as the third Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (SEAC)

The Power of the Parade Deck Community.

The Parade Deck community's unity and collaborative spirit, both at the Military Influencer Conference (MIC) and beyond, played a crucial role in the success of the PDX. The commitment to consistently tagging and mentioning each other in social media posts became a cornerstone of the Parade Deck culture, fostering a supportive and interconnected community. This consistent engagement extended the reach of The PDX far beyond the physical attendees of the MIC event.

Photos by Marcus Emerson

The effectiveness of this communal social media strategy was reflected in impressive statistics. The Parade Deck PDX recorded more than 30,000 social media engagements, a testament to the active participation of both attendees and remote participants. Additionally, this strategy achieved a significant 30% click-through rate for the recorded podcasts, demonstrating the compelling nature of the content presented.

The community's dedication was further evidenced by the remarkable metrics across various platforms within 72 hours post-MIC:

  • LinkedIn resonated with over 9,800 impressions and 1,000 clicks

  • An incredible 13,000 plays and more than 16 hours of stories and reel playtime

  • Instagram had a phenomenal 704% increase in reach, with 20,000 impressions & 10,000 accounts reached

  • Facebook's reach grew by 326%, indicating a broad and diverse audience engagement.

These statistics underscore the power and importance of the military voices within the Parade Deck community. Their collective effort in supporting and amplifying each other's voices not only maximized the impact of The PDX at the MIC but also strengthened the bonds within the community, setting a precedent for future collaborations and events.

As the MIC concluded, it left a lasting impression on its attendees and the broader military community. The success of The PDX, in particular, set a new benchmark for future conferences. Looking forward, there is a palpable sense of anticipation for the next MIC and the continued evolution of platforms like The PDX, which play a crucial role in supporting and empowering the military community.

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