Public Speaking: Mastering Confidence & Clarity

Public Speaking: Mastering Confidence & Clarity

Tony Taylor Tony Taylor
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Embarking on the journey to master public speaking might feel challenging, I'm not going to lie to you. It can be very challenging,but worry not!

Becoming a compelling speaker is well within your reach. I want you to really embrace the Four C's of Speaking: Confidence, Clarity, Commitment, and Command.

I know what you might be thinking "oh another cheesy acronym." I run these acronyms through my head all the time and it works! I promise it works, so use it!

Stay with me!


Confidence is more than a mindset; it's a practical tool to hone both off and on stage. Develop off-stage confidence through self-belief, support, and consistent practice. When on stage, remember it's your time – speak with authority, overcoming your initial nerves by stepping foot on stage.


Clarity involves clear ideas. The more knowledgeable you are with your subject, the clearer you can make your content. Don't try to be so fancy that you confuse your poor listeners.

I'm not perfect. I still make this mistake. In fact, I did the exact thing I'm telling you not to do yesterday.

Meet my friend Steph Hilfer 💛💛 . She is the owner of Viim . Viim is the place to go if you need help with developing or reimagining your brand identity. She actually came on my podcast, Leaders Lead, and gave me The Branding Playbook. It was amazing!

Ok, back to the story :)

She posted in her Facebook Stories that she was sending a proposal for a speaking engagement and wanted clarification on a "Proof Of Performance".

I thought, why would they need that? Where is she speaking at the next presidential inauguration?

So I wrote this...


"Not my finest moment as a communicator but a perfect teachable moment, nonetheless. - Tony

Totally confusing, right? That was all on me. What if she was in a crunch and really needed that information in a hurry? Well, I would have failed her. And that is exactly what happens when we give speeches or communicate using gobbledygook.

Learn from my mistakes.

When I told Steph that I wanted to include you in the conversation, she wanted me to give you this quote from Peter Drucker. This is so good!

It goes,

“The leader of the PAST will know how to tell. The leader of the FUTURE will know how to ask.” - PD

Ok, so going forward, ensure your ideas are straightforward and inspired by your unique perspective. Analyze your topic thoroughly, delivering with a commanding tone. Slow and steady speech allows everyone to follow, keeping your message crystal clear. And for God's sake, keep it simple.


I won't spend much time on this subject because I know you wouldn't be here if you weren't serious about speaking. However, as you know, commitment extends beyond a single speech; it's about thorough preparation.

Listen to diverse speeches, observe details, and let go of inhibitions. Practice in front of a mirror, dress confidently, and commit to preparation.

Practice hard, refine your style, and strive for uniqueness. I know that's a lot, but I stress the uniqueness part!

Your voice belongs to you and you have only one of them, so you might as well use it. Commit to being you. Start this today! Start and don't look back.


Having command over the language you use is crucial. I enhance my language skills through various means, such as reading and listening to audiobooks on public speaking and communication.

Every conversation becomes an opportunity to learn—a practice I've embedded into my routine.

--As an introvert, observation serves as a key tool for me: I observe and then act. Observing other people excelling in what I desire to achieve can be very motivating.

I find inspiration by watching comedians, actors, politicians, and individuals who effortlessly take command of a stage. I pay attention to details, from their walk to their talk and even the way they breathe. Maybe that's too much, but it works for me.

Think about what may work for you.

Consider whose mannerisms you admire and aspire to possess; then model them. I'm not telling you to steal their style, but pay close attention to the nuances that make a difference.

Familiarity with language comes through active listening and continuous learning. Expand your repertoire by acquiring different usages of words and phrases, ensuring you can convey your message effectively.

Bonus C - Comedy:

Humor can make you more relatable. No one wants to listen to Eeyore give a boring and too serious speech.

I always aim to speak with ENERGY! A smile and excitement are the best energy when you're speaking. A well placed joke can add to that excitement.

I know what you're thinking. What if it's at a funeral?

Time and place, my friend, time and place. I can't say that I have told jokes while speaking at a funeral....

At my father-in-law's going-away service, I went up to the podium to share some very kind pleasantries. Right as I was talking, I thought about our relationship. We cracked jokes on each other a lot. It wouldn't have been appropriate if I didn't give it to him one last time. I told a couple of stories that highlighted his surly nature. It landed perfectly, and boy was I relieved. Afterwards, almost everyone mentioned how my words made them feel better.

Ensure it aligns with your message and is appropriate. A well-placed joke enhances engagement.

As we explore the Four C's during our journey together, remember public speaking is not just an art; it's a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Keep honing your skills, and soon you'll confidently captivate any audience you choose, but this time by being you!

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