Super Bowl Ticket: A Veteran's Experience

Super Bowl Ticket: A Veteran's Experience

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What does winning a Super Bowl tickets mean to you?

For Hilary Jo, an Army veteran it meant an unforgettable experience. Hilary Jo won her tickets from the Veteran Ticket Foundation on Vet Tix, a non-profit organization dedicated to giving back to those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Shya, Chief Growth Officer of had a chance to sit down with Hilary Jo and learn her story of winning the Super Bowl ticket, her decision on who to bring along, and the unforgettable experience at the game.

The Winning Moment

Hilary Jo's story of winning the Super Bowl tickets is a testament to her spirit of taking chances and going all-in. She invested all her 5,400 VetTix coins into the lottery, hoping for a chance to win big. The moment she realized she had won, she was delivering a Door Dash, and the notification on her phone left her in disbelief. She compared the feeling to being in a car accident - a sudden rush of various emotions, from sweating to crying to disbelief. Hilary didn't even want to click the link at first, for fear that it might not be true, but when reality set in, she was beyond ecstatic.

Choosing The Right Companion

Choosing who to take along was not a decision Hilary took lightly. She wanted the person accompanying her to be a veteran, someone who would truly appreciate the experience. Initially, she asked a selfless friend back home in Springfield, Illinois, but when he couldn't make it, Hilary Jo had to rethink her decision. She eventually chose a person who inspired her to create a Facebook group, Vet Tix USA, to help other veterans sign up for Vet Tix.

Hilary Jo felt the need to create a platform where veterans could share their experiences and help each other navigate the ticketing process. Her group has grown significantly to over 8,000 members since its creation and has become a vibrant community of veterans helping veterans.

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The Game Day Experience

Walking into the stadium on the day of the game was a surreal experience for Hilary Jo. The atmosphere was electric, and the stadium was a madhouse. Hilary Jo, who was cheering for the Chiefs, decided to keep her choice a secret, especially from the loud and proud 49ers fans. She wore her red Vet Tix tank top, blending in with the sea of red in the stadium. The entire experience was a once-in-a-lifetime event that Hilary will cherish forever.

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Thank you Vet Tix

Hilary Jo's story is a powerful example of how Vet Tix can create unforgettable experiences for Veterans. Her excitement upon winning the Super Bowl tickets, the thoughtfulness in choosing her companion, and the thrill of the game day experience, all make for a truly inspiring story. Her efforts to help other veterans register for VetTix through her Facebook group also show her dedication to giving back to the community. As Hilary Jo herself puts it, "Vet Tix has changed my life," and she is doing her part to ensure that other veterans get to experience the same joy.

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